About Us

Who Are We

Since 1992, we have built a reputation for creating high quality developments and inspiring environments – places where people want to live.

During that time, our commitment to quality and innovation, along with responsible, intelligent development has remained unchanged, and this provides us with a solid foundation and direction.

We have the benefit of strong financial backing and significant experience, and we understand the importance of taking a long-term view.

Our approach ensures that each new neighbourhood we create is true to the original vision, sets new benchmarks and will be enjoyed in perpetuity by the people for whom it is “home”.


We are niche property developers. We put land to higher and better use. We do this imaginatively, resourcefully and prudently, managing risk and pursuing responsible profits. We care deeply about the quality of project we leave behind. Directors Dilbag Mann and Paul Sangha have worked across a diverse range of areas within the building and land industry in management and operations, including new dwellings, projects and land. We believe that you will find us to have all the critical attributes for effective partnering: integrity, honesty, openness and good communication.